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Random Pairing 2 Fursona x Pepper by TamaTheLion
Random Pairing 2 Fursona x Pepper
So yeah. I was bored and lookin through bases and found this one, so I was like...why the hell not. Never paired any of my fursona's wit a female. I actually might keep this pairing going o3o Be expecting some mini stories!

Pepper and Fursona(c) Me
Base(c) :icondahdahcannibal: Base36 lionesses
Imperfection by TamaTheLion
The king paced outside of his den,"Whats taking so long!"
"Relax my king. They'll be fine."
"They better be!"the king growled.
"You may come in now, sir." Called a lioness from inside the cave.
The king stormed in and gasped,"Lily...there are...two?"He padded over and looked at his cubs.
A frown crept across his face as he watched them,"What is this?" He snarled pointing at the darker colored cub.
Lily tilted her head,"What are you talking about Mohan?"
"I'm talking about this, this little imperfect runt!"
Lily glared at him and a growl crept up her throat,"Our son, is NOT imperfect. Nor is he a runt! Hes just small!"
Mohan growled and picked up the pale cub,"This is my son. Do what you wish with that little thing."
Lily gently placed the darker cub down and snarled, swatting Mohan across the face and catching her other cub,"Mohan, so help me if you try to take my cubs away from me I will kill you!"
Mohan growled and rubbed his face,"I will not let you embarrass me in front of MY pride Lily! Your can keep him...for now."he said before storming out of the den.
Lily huffed and laid back down, cradling her cubs in her arms,"I will call you..Busara."She said pointing to the paler cub.
"And you..."she pointed to the darker cub,"I will call you Jasiri."

Characters(c) Me
Base(c):icontruelightportal: TLK Base 25
I strolled about the park, the cold air of the night whistling around me. My thoughts were jumbled in my head, swirling around like the wind blowing. I came to a stop at my favorite spot, a small bench under a blossom tree. What I did not expect to find was another person there. I walked over and sat down, not really wanting to be social.
"Never thought I'd meet someone else out here this late."The young man said.
I grumbled and replied,"Yeah. Me neither. That's the entire reason I was out here."
"My name is Jamie. And you are?"
"Lovely name for a lovely girl."
I huffed and scooted as far to the other end of the bench as I could,
"No need to be rude, missy. you have a boyfriend?" He purred and he moved over next to me.
I growled,"No. And I'm not looking for one!"
"Do you have a girlfriend then?" He asked, smiling weirdly.
"No!"I hissed and got up, tired of his questions.
He grabbed my arm,"And where are you going?"
"Away from you." I ripped my arm away and tried to leave only to be grabbed violently.
"Let me go you creep!"I yelled and thrashed around, struggling to get free.
"Struggling only makes it worse, my dear~"He cooed into my ear.
I felt a horrible pain in my neck as the world swirled around me. I felt dizzy, oh so dizzy.I felt myself fall to the floor as the metallic taste of blood ran through my mouth. I started coughing up blood all over the path, the world slowly turning black. I felt the familiar vibration of my phone in my pocket and tried to move my hands, but I was too weak. My eyes fluttered shut, and then there was silence.
'The Death of Me'
A short story. I was kinda bored x'3 Oh well. Hope chu like it anyway guys o3o You can decide who was calling me lol

All charaters are (c) Me
Silver by TamaTheLion
Name: Silver
Nickname: Sil
Gender: Female
Breed: Wolf/Husky Mix (Leaning more onto the wolf side.)

Eh. Thats all I got. Night guys.

Base(C) :iconsunnybases: Wolf Base 4
''My daughter is not a prize to be won!'' by TamaTheLion
''My daughter is not a prize to be won!''
Dante snarled as he faced his once old friend holding his son. Another betrothal request.."I will tell you what I have told everyone else. My daughter is NOT a prize to be won!!!" "I never said she was, Dante. I just thought that this would be the best time to repay what you owe me." Dante growled and massaged his eyebrows,"I already told you, that favor means nothing and I don't owe you anything!" "Do not try and fool yourself! You and I both know you owe me this much. So don't go and try to say you owe me nothing! If you don't accept this betrothal request, I will wage war on your family." He huffed. Dante let out a frustrated sigh,"Fine. They're betrothed. But the boy must come and live with us, to make sure he isn't influenced by you." "Very well." The male handed his son over,"Take good care of my Jahi." "Yeah yeah." Dante picked up the boy and Melissa and carried them both home.

Meh. I was bored :P

Characters(c) me
Base(c) :iconnuller4444: betrothed Base
I think I have like 10 render distance, and average-high settings at 1920x1080 :)

Just needed somewhere to put this. >w>


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