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Alex (Updated Design) Fursona by TamaTheLion
Alex (Updated Design) Fursona
Based off a character I created in Myatar Legends. She originally had small antlers but they wouldn't come out right so..yah.

Name: Alex
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Personality: Very Hot Headed and Independent. She can be fun and kind, but if she doesn't know you then she can be fairly aggressive.
Likes: Running through the rain, Snow although she hardly sees it, hunting, being by herself, laying by the water.
Dislikes: Flirts, lions/people who think she can't take care of herself, people/lions who ask about her eye.
Short Story:
She was rather sassy when she was young and once she was old enough, took off to be on her own. She's survived fine, but is often teased about her eye. The story about her eye is that when she was first born, her markings were considered a blessing and the shaman of her pride had dipped a sharp stone in some gold dye and cut an X into her eye. There was no known reason for it, and the pride thought the shaman did it for another pride of some sort or some kind of treason.

Thats all you really need to know about this girl. She's currently up for RP, so just ask if you want to. x3

Alex/Me (c) Me
Base (c) kirby90210…
Korra stumbled into the room, kicking off her shoes.
"Ugh, I've just about danced my legs off."
She stripped off her clothes and threw on a tank top and short pants before flopping on her bed.
Naga looked up at her owner and got up,licking her face.
"I'm fine Naga. Just tired."Korra smiled.
Naga wagged her tail before going back to the corner of the room and laying down.
Korra sighed, hearing the music through the walls.
"I wonder how late everyone is gonna stay up."
She heard the door open and sat up on her elbows.
"Asami? What are you-....Wait..are you drunk?"Korra tilted her head.
Asami looked..different. She had a noticeably red blush across her face and was hiccuping.
"Of course not *hic* Korra...what gave you that idea?"She grinned as her eyes fluttered.
"Asami, you should sit down...your not looking too..uh..stable.."
"I'd rather lay down.."She said as she stumbled onto the bed, and, onto Korra.
Korra blushed bright red,"Uh A-Asami...little..close.."
"Your so cute when your embarrassed..."Asami leaned in close and slid one hand under Korra's shirt.
"Woah! Ok thats enough."Korra gently grabbed Asami's hand and pushed her up,"Your definitely drunk Asami, this isn't you at all."
Asami pouted,"Oh come on *hic* Korra..A little fun couldn't..hurt.."Asami's eyes started to flutter and Korra could feel her falling.
"Uh oh." Korra catches her,"I knew crazy girl, now your gonna be hurting in the morning.."She blushes and brushes away a stray hair.
"Better get you to bed.."Korra smiled and gently puts Asami on the bed next to her.
"Sleep tight."She gets up and goes laying back on Naga.
'Just like old times...' She thought.
It had been a week since Korra and Asami had gone to the Spirit World for their little vacation. They had been swimming in the clearest waters, having tea parties with Iroh, exploring and sleeping under the stars.They were to leave today, although here was one particular memory seared into Korra's head, and no matter how much she tried she couldn't get rid of it.
The very night before...
Korra smiled as she stared up at the sky, an awe struck Asami laying next to her.
"I never realized how amazing this could be."Korra heard Asami say.
"Yeah..especially when Iroh and his Spirit friends aren't here to make so much noise with their competitive Pai-Sho."Korra said in return.
Asami giggled and grinned,"Yeah. I never realized Pai-Sho could get someone so worked up. Well, someone other than Bolin."
"Haha, yeah." Korra smiled at the memory. "Well...its getting super late and we should probably get some sleep, or we might not be able to leave for tomorrow."
Asami nodded and yawned, only just realizing how tired she was,"Yeah..."
An awkward silence hung in the air.
Korra clearned her throat, grabbing the blanket she had brought with them and wrapping it around both of them,"Night Asami.."she said quietly before laying on her back, staring at the stars.
"Goodnight, Korra." Asami said, turning to lay on her side.

Several hours had passed and Korra hadn't managed to sleep. She was lost in her memories and the thoughts of what had gone on in the week she was absent. She was broken from these thoughts by a restless Asami. She turned to look at her,"Asami..?" she whispered. No reply.'She must still be asleep.'Korra thought.'I wonder what shes dreaming about..'
Asami mumbled something that Korra couldn't quite make out before rolling over, her arm wrapping around Korra's chest and tugging the two closer together.
"A-Asami..?"Korra muttered, blushing and staring at the sleeping girl beside her.
Asami snuggled up to her and rested her head on her shoulder.
'I don't want to wake her up...but..'she bit her lip. This was the closest she had ever gotten to Asami.Plus, what would Iroh and the spirits say if they came and found them like this?
She shook her head, her heart thudding rapidly in her chest as she eyed Asami's peaceful figure.'Its our last night together alone like couldn't hurt to enj-'Korra's eyed widened and she blushed harder,'No, No I am not doing it. No. Asami is like a sister to me. Sister's cuddle...right?' Korra sighed, pushing the confusing thoughts from her head. She closed her eyes, enjoying the warm feeling of Asami huddled against her. She gently moved one arm around her waist and smiled, finally drifting to sleep.

The present afternoon...
Korra was snapped out of her brief recollection of last night by Asami poking her shoulder.
"Hellooo? Anyone in there? Calling Miss Avatar back to reality~"Asami said, smiling.
"Miss Avatar is back." Korra grinned. "Ready to go?"
Asami smiled,"You know I am."
The two held hands, Korra having a hardly noticeable blush on her face, and walked through the portal.
Korrasami: Part 1 ''So close, yet so far.''
There was so much more I wanted in this first chapter, but I decided not to include it x3
Anyway, I tried my best, please tell me if theres anything I can improve or anything that you think I should change ^^

Thanks for reading~

Avatar: Legend of Korra and its characters are copyright to Mike and Bryan. (I think? ewe)
They had just arrived through the portal and were already being swarmed by media and photographers everywhere.
"Avatar Korra! Could you answer a few questions?"
"Miss Sato, what was the Spirit world like?"
Each getting cut off by the other.
"Ok guys, come on enough!" Yelled Korra, shoving her way through the crowd gripping Asami's hand tightly.
They were blocked by more reporters and photographers.
Korra grumbled,'If they don't leave..I swear I'll airbend them all away.'
"Ok people, enough questions and photos for today!" Said Tenzin as the crowd parted for him.
'Thank goodness!'Thought Korra as she hugged him,"Tenzin! Your a life saver." She grinned.
Tenzin smiled,"Welcome back Korra. Come on, everyone's waiting for you and Asami at the temple.We have a grand party planned."
"Another party? Didn't we already have one before we left on vacation?"Asami said.
"Yes, but this is for your return."Tenzin smiled again.

Once Korra and Asami had settled in the temple and unpacked their stuff. Asami was getting ready for the party along with Korra.
Korra yawned, fixing her hair.
Asami giggled,"Korra...your hair looks like a Porcubear."
"Huh?" Korra looked in the mirror and saw how spikey her hair was,"Oh.."She smiled,"Mind helping with that..?"
Asami smiled,"Not at all."
She fixed Korra's hair into a pretty looking bun and gave her the mirror.
"Awesome. Thanks Asami."
"Anytime Korra. I have to go change my clothes, you can handle yourself till then right?' Asami smiled, raising an eyebrow.
"I will try, Miss Sato." Korra grinned, waving to her friend as she left the room before going back to looking at her hair. She got up and went over to the closet, looking over the things she could wear.
"Perfect!" She grinned as she grabbed a pretty red shirt and grey pants."Not as flashy as it should be, but comfortable none the less." She said as she looked it over in the mirror.
Asami rapped on the door,"Korra? You done yet?"
Korra struggled to pull on her pants,"Almost! Don't come in yet!"'Damn thing!'She grunted as she finally got them on,'Finally..'
"Ok, you can come in now!" She yelled as she grabbed her shirt.
Asami peeked through the door,"Nice pants." She smiled coming in.
Korra pulled on her shirt and turned around, a huge blush going across her face.
" look..amazing."
Asami smiled. She was wearing a beautiful blue sequin dress, going down just past her ankle along with a matching gold sapphire necklace and earings.
"Its a bit much for a small party like this..but I just..liked it."Asami smiled, blushing a light pink."You look pretty amazing yourself, Avatar." She grinned.
Korra smirked,"Pfft, as if. I just picked whatever looked the most comfortable."
"Yeah yeah, lets go!" Asami smiled as she grabbed Korra's hand and the two ran outside.
Korrasami: Part 2 ''The Party''
Im so excited guys...


NEXT YOU WILL GET TO MEET DRUNK ASAMI! Or korra...I haven't decided just yet.
Anyway, please gimme some feedback! ^^ Im really proud on how this chapter came out!
Ok, so tomorrow when I get home I'm going to be starting my Korrasami fanfic
but before I did, I have a few ideas. Which of these do you guys think would be a pretty good way to start?

1. Before they leave in the Spirit Portal and Korra has just come back from the earth kingdom
2. After they return from the Spirit World
3. They're having a party and one out of the two gets drunk (Im really hoping for this one, because I wanted to try with some conflict for an interesting start ^^)

Please tell me down below!

Votes for 1:
Votes for 2: 1
Votes for 3: 3
Ok, so tomorrow when I get home I'm going to be starting my Korrasami fanfic
but before I did, I have a few ideas. Which of these do you guys think would be a pretty good way to start?

1. Before they leave in the Spirit Portal and Korra has just come back from the earth kingdom
2. After they return from the Spirit World
3. They're having a party and one out of the two gets drunk (Im really hoping for this one, because I wanted to try with some conflict for an interesting start ^^)

Please tell me down below!

Votes for 1:
Votes for 2: 1
Votes for 3: 3


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