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Im fricking crying omg you guys
Crime!AU ''How it all started'' by TamaTheLion
Crime!AU ''How it all started''
Might wanna listen to this while reading o3o…
WARNING: Serious Gorey description (I think >w>)

"Why!" He yelled,"Why!"
"Because I love her, dammit!" I yelled back in reply, tears streaming down my face.
"We have cubs, goddammit! I thought you would never do this to us, to me!"
I snarled and stared him straight in the eyes,"Me? Me?! You don't think I've seen you with that goddamn blondie?! The way you two nuzzle? Hug? Kiss?!" More tears pour down my cheeks. 'No, stop crying dammnit! Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt you, don't!'I thought, shaking my head.
Dante snarled,"You bitch!"He raised his paw and swiped hard, cutting across my cheek.
I fell, slamming down hard onto the floor. I stared up at him, tears no longer being held back. I raised my paw to the cut and wiped it gently, flinching at the pain, then stared down at the blood on my paw.
I don't know what happened then. Something snapped.
I snarled, my mane falling over my eye, and tackled him down. We rolled about, hissing and swiping at each other before I managed to pin him down.
I panted and snarled," listen to me now, you fucker. I am a lion, and I want to be free. Do you see a lion when you look inside of me?" I dug my claws from his shoulder to his paw, staring at the small scratch I made under his eye in the tussle earlier. I felt an almost evil smile creep across my face as I saw his horrified face staring up at me.
"I am a lion, and you...are..." My claws crept their way in his mane, finding that sweet spot on his neck."Dead."
I pressed my claws down, feeling the blood start to gush from his throat. Trickles of new tears threatened to fall, but I held them back. He doesn't deserve sympathy.
Tugging my claws out, I turned and walked away to find Pepper, that crazy grin still on my face, mane still over my eye.

I don't know what happened here...
but idk I felt in an evil mood, so xD hope you enjoyed that weird little story!
Please tell me if the story or the picture needs a warning ^^"

Characters and story (c) Me
I am a Lion song and lyrics (c) Hollywood Undead
Base(c) :iconjessthealphawolf:…
Alex (Updated Design) Fursona by TamaTheLion
Alex (Updated Design) Fursona
Based off a character I created in Myatar Legends. She originally had small antlers but they wouldn't come out right so..yah.

Name: Alex
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Personality: Very Hot Headed and Independent. She can be fun and kind, but if she doesn't know you then she can be fairly aggressive.
Likes: Running through the rain, Snow although she hardly sees it, hunting, being by herself, laying by the water.
Dislikes: Flirts, lions/people who think she can't take care of herself, people/lions who ask about her eye.
Short Story:
She was rather sassy when she was young and once she was old enough, took off to be on her own. She's survived fine, but is often teased about her eye. The story about her eye is that when she was first born, her markings were considered a blessing and the shaman of her pride had dipped a sharp stone in some gold dye and cut an X into her eye. There was no known reason for it, and the pride thought the shaman did it for another pride of some sort or some kind of treason.

Thats all you really need to know about this girl. She's currently up for RP, so just ask if you want to. x3

Alex/Me (c) Me
Base (c) kirby90210…
Korra stumbled into the room, kicking off her shoes.
"Ugh, I've just about danced my legs off."
She stripped off her clothes and threw on a tank top and short pants before flopping on her bed.
Naga looked up at her owner and got up,licking her face.
"I'm fine Naga. Just tired."Korra smiled.
Naga wagged her tail before going back to the corner of the room and laying down.
Korra sighed, hearing the music through the walls.
"I wonder how late everyone is gonna stay up."
She heard the door open and sat up on her elbows.
"Asami? What are you-....Wait..are you drunk?"Korra tilted her head.
Asami looked..different. She had a noticeably red blush across her face and was hiccuping.
"Of course not *hic* Korra...what gave you that idea?"She grinned as her eyes fluttered.
"Asami, you should sit down...your not looking too..uh..stable.."
"I'd rather lay down.."She said as she stumbled onto the bed, and, onto Korra.
Korra blushed bright red,"Uh A-Asami...little..close.."
"Your so cute when your embarrassed..."Asami leaned in close and slid one hand under Korra's shirt.
"Woah! Ok thats enough."Korra gently grabbed Asami's hand and pushed her up,"Your definitely drunk Asami, this isn't you at all."
Asami pouted,"Oh come on *hic* Korra..A little fun couldn't..hurt.."Asami's eyes started to flutter and Korra could feel her falling.
"Uh oh." Korra catches her,"I knew crazy girl, now your gonna be hurting in the morning.."She blushes and brushes away a stray hair.
"Better get you to bed.."Korra smiled and gently puts Asami on the bed next to her.
"Sleep tight."She gets up and goes laying back on Naga.
'Just like old times...' She thought.


Hey! Name's Alexia, but go ahead and call me Alex~ :3 I really love making friends with peeps, but don't get on my bad side! >:C Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything ^^ I'll be as supportive as possible, and I don't bite, I promise! :3 Anyway, thanks for visiting my page~ Baiiii

Aria x Serenity by Ask-FNAF-Aria




Im fricking crying omg you guys


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