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Does anyone know any sites or programs where you can do everything like in Paint except you can add gradients and shading and stuff?

If nawt...

Friends: A one sided betrayal. by TamaTheLion
Friends: A one sided betrayal.
Tia snarled and paced through the tall grass, finally stopping to scratch and grate at the ground. A new arrival to the group, Jackson, had followed her and noticed her anger. He knew the best thing to do would be to leave her alone...but he couldn't. So he walked over,"Tia...?"He said. Tia stopped and glared at him, a low growl rumbling in her throat,"What is it Jackson. I don't want to be bothered right now." "I..uh..just wanted to know why you're so angry.."He whimpered out as he flattened his ears. Tia huffed but calmed herself,"I'm angry because of...of Marcy and Kubwa. Their together now..."She sighed and sat down, her head drooping. Jackson sighed and sat next to her,"I understand..maybe they won't last long?"He said. "Pfft. Are you kidding? They both act like love-sick puppies." "Yeah, good point.."He sighed but quickly thought of something,"Maybe I can fix it..." Tia tilted her head at him. "No time to explain...tomorrow at the sunning rock I'll tell you everything."He said quickly before running off. She rolled her eyes and laid down in the warm grass,"Such a weird boy.."

YES. These three again :v
Im thinking of turning this into a little mini-series. What do you guys think? I may even draw some of the parts myself!


All characters(c) Me
The Lion King(c) Disney
All credits for the bases go to their rightful owners:…… the-adoptable-pride.deviantart……
~That Night~

Star rolled about her bed, muttering and hugging her pillow tightly.

In a sudden burst of light, she was at school, in class. Instead of the usual separated desks, they were conjoined with seats of three. Star was in the middle, with Jackie on her left and Marco on the right. She could hear Marco attempting to talk to her about their last battle, obviously trying to impress Jackie, but Star noticed that the blonde's eyes were locked on her. Star desperately tried to keep herself looking at Marco, or anyone else in the room, anyone except her. Then Star felt a hand on her shoulder. She tensed and turned back to Jackie, plastering her usual grin on her face,"Yeah?"

Jackie smiled and put her finger to her lips, gesturing to Ms Skalmic snoozing at her desk."Tell Marco to get the class and follow me outside. Oh and to turn on their phone flashlights."

Star tilted her head slightly but nodded and watched Jackie quietly get up and sneak outside. Star then tapped Marco's shoulder,"Tell everyone to go outside. Oh and turn on their phone flashlights."

Marco nodded,"Why the flashlights?"

Star shrugged and got up, going outside and meeting Jackie by the door,"Whats going on exactly?"

Jackie giggled and put her hand on her hip,"Hardcore hide and seek."

Star grinned,"Ooo! Whats the hardcore part??"

Jackie watched the class flush out as the last person closed the door,"The hardcore part of this hide and seek game, is it will be.." She put her hand on a switch nearby and pulled it down, sending the whole school into black with nothing but the phone flashlights to let them see.

Star squeaked slightly and clung to Jackie's arm as the other girl simply smiled and giggled.

"Marco, Jefferson and...blonde jock dude. Your our first seekers. Turn to the lockers and count to 100. Everyone else, hide! No outside hiding!"Jackie grinned and watched as they turned around. After they do and the class runs off Jackie grabs Star's arm and tugs her over to the unusually small empty wooden storage wardrobe they have on the other side of the school.

Star blinked but followed Jackie's pull and managed to fit herself into the wardrobe, almost chest to chest with her. Star's face heat up, but it was rather dark, so Jackie couldn't see that,'Thankfully...' She could still see her eyes, and they were trained directly on her. Star gulped,'I can feel her breathing how close we are..' She felt something move between her legs and her breath hitched in her throat. She looked down briefly and stared back up at Jackie, who was now looking through the tiny hole in the door."J-Jackie...y-your y-you mind?"she muttered out as quietly as possible, squirming about.

Jackie turned back and blushed, pulling her knee back,"Sorry Star.."she whispered back, standing as straight and she could in the little closet, only managing to bring their faces closer together. There were only a few inches left between them now, and both their faces were beat red.

Star's heart went into overdrive, beating faster than ever before. She couldn't manage to say anything,'I just want to tell you. Right now....just let me tell you...'she breathed heavily and stared into Jackie's eyes.

Jackie smiled at her before closing the space between them, planting her lips firmly on Star's.

Star's eyes widened in surprise before her eyes fluttered shut and she kissed back, locking the two of them in a serious make out session.

The two finally broke apart for air and panted slightly. Jackie smiled and went in for another kiss, this time pulling Star closer.

Star rolled on her bed, gripping the pillow tightly and muttering slightly louder.

Suddenly Marco ripped open the doors to the wardrobe and his eyes shot open in surprise as Star and Jackie stumbled out and quickly pulled away from eachother. "S-Star...J-Jackie...?? Why!!!"He growled out before yelling,"I hate you Star!"

The words rang through her head as the world crashed into black around her, tears running down her face,"Im sorry Marco! Im so sorry!"She yelled into nothingness over and over as Marco's words still echoed around her.

Star gasped and sat up in bed, breathing heavily. A few tears stained her cheeks but she wiped them away and hugged her pillow to her chest as she tried to calm herself down.

Marco rushed into the room with a plastic sword in hand,"Star?? Are you alright? Did the monsters attack??"He looked around before lowering his hands, noticing how sad and distracted she looked. He sat down at the edge of her bed,"Hey...whats the matter?"

Star shook her head,"Nothing...just had a bad dream..Im fine."

"Want me to bring over my sleeping bag for the night?"Marco asked her.

" No, no. Im alright Marco, really."She smiled and gave Marco a hug.

Marco hugged her back,"Your sure your alright?"

Star smiled,"Yeah. Im sure."

Marco got up and walked over to the door,"Alright. Night Star."He went back to his room, closing the door behind him.

Star sighed"Night Marco." She then rolled over and went back to sleep, but thankfully, this time it was dreamless.
Star x Jackie 3 (Star vs the Forces of Evil)

Im sorry if they seem out of characterrrrrrrrrrr
I was never really good at mimicking the way any characters act ;w;
I hope you enjoy anyway~

It fits o3o

Star vs the Forces of Evil and its characters are copyright to their owner. I own nothing but the story!!
~In Class~

Star quickly sat down at her desk, placing her wand down and putting her backpack to sit at the side of her chair.
The class teacher 'Skullsie', as Star called her, came into the class and all the students rushed to their desks and sat down.
'Skullsie' stared around at the class,"Alright, before we start class today I'm going to do a bit of rearranging. Star Butterfly, move to the seat in the next row. Behind Marco Dias."
Star blinked, but didn't protest. She grabbed her back and moved over to the chair. She looked over, Jackie was next to her. She felt her heart beat increase once more as her eyes met and locked with those beautiful turquoise ones.
Jackie flashed her a smile,"Looks like we're neighbors. Cool."
Star grinned at her and nodded, quickly turning to the front. She didn't pay attention to the teacher moving the other students around, she was too caught up in her thoughts.'Why am I feeling like this? I've never felt like this about anyone on Mewny before, or even here.' She chewed on her wand as she got lost in her thoughts.'I need to figure out why. Why is it only when I look at her? Why not at Marco? Or that blonde Jock guy? Wait why would I look at him. I don't even know his name. Actually he is pretty cute...No star focus! Your straight. You've never even glanced at a girl why are you now?'

She was snapped out of her train of thought by Jackie shaking her arm.
"Star. Class is over. We can go home now."Jackie smiled, folding her arms.
Star felt her face heat up,'How long was I thinking about this? About her?' She shook her head and smiled, a now visible blush on her face,"Thanks again Jackie. I got kinda lost in my thoughts. Where's Marco?"She asked, looking around and seeing the class was empty.
"He said he had to hurry home, but he asked me if I could wake you from your trance."Jackie grinned and moved her blue strand of hair from her face,"Hey would you like to skateboard home with me?"
Star gulped and nodded,"Sure! Sounds like fun!"She grinned and hopped up.
Jackie laughed and gently took her hand, rushing outside,"You know how to skateboard, right?"She asked, letting go and grabbing her board.
Star shook her head and smiles shyly.
"Well alright then, just stand on the back of the board and hold on tight."She smiled and placed the board down, hopping on and gesturing for Star to do the same.
Star gulped and blushed as she steadied herself on the board, gently holding onto Jackie's shoulders.
"You'll fall off if you hold on like that, Star. Here.."Jackie gently grabbed her hands and wrapped them around her waist,"There."She smiled.
Star blushed even harder and felt her body tense up,"A-Alright, lets go!"She said.
Jackie nodded and pushed off, the two skating down the street.
Star's grip tightened slightly which caused Jackie to laugh,"Don't worry Star. Your riding with a professional!"
Star smiled and thought to herself,'I know...' She let her grip slacken and the two drifted along the road.

Soon enough, they reached Marco's house. He opened the door,"Ah, your final-"He cut himself off as he noticed Star's arms around Jackie's waist. Jealousy boiled deep in his stomach but he managed to keep his smile,"I see you hitched a ride. How nice."
Star cringed lightly,'Oh no...' She returned the smile and hopped off quickly, saying a quick thank you to Jackie before waving and going inside. Marco followed her in and closed the door.
He walked with a slouch up to his room and slammed the door.
Star cringed again, yelling after him,"Marco!! Come on! We were supposed to do something fun after school...remember?"Her voice trembled slightly.
"No, I don't remember. Why don't you go on and do whatever that is. I'm busy."He said in reply, light anger in his voice,"Maybe tomorrow, ok."He then said flatly.
Star's shoulders drooped and she gripped her want, questioning if it would be better to blast the door down or leave him alone. She decided the latter would be best and sulked over to her room, flopping down on her bed.
'I shoulda know that was a bad idea...especially since Marco is the uber-jealous type. Ugh. Just sleep it off Star, he did say maybe he can't be too mad.' She rolled over and hugged her pillow, her eyes fluttering,'Yeah...tomorrow..'Her eyes closed and she drifted to sleep.
Star x Jackie 2 (Star vs the Forces of Evil)
Would you believe me if I said I literally had this open for 2 days? :v Mehhh
Is not much, but I hope you like it!!
Also, don't worry, Marco won't be like this forever :3

Star vs the Forces of Evil and all its characters are copyright to their owner. I own nothing except the story!
Marco's alarm rang through the house. He groaned, stretching his arm toward his beside table and feeling around for the snooze button.
Before he could even find it, Star came bouncing in,"Good morning Marcooo!!"She said in her usual peppy tone.
"G'mornin Star..."Marco said groggily before finally hitting his snooze button. He got up and stretched before dragging himself out of bed and staring at Star awkwardly. How did she always manage to get up so early and shower before he even comes close to waking up?
Star tilted her head,"What?"
"Nothing, why don't you go on downstairs for breakfast."He gave her a lazy smile as he watched her nod furiously and dash out the door and run down the stairs. He stretched once more before grabbing his clothes and towel and went to shower.

Star bounced around the kitchen, waiting for her favorite, eggs and bacon.About ten minutes or so later, it was done and Star was sitting on the couch stuffing her face when she saw Marco finally coming down the steps."Mmmfo! Youf fwinally cwam dwonstwairs!"Star said, her mouth still filled with food.
"Star, swallow food then talk, remember."Marco said, amused that the blonde had once again forgotten.
Star gulped the food down and smiled," badd!"She grinned before going back to her food.
Marco grabbed his own plate as well, and in a matter of minutes they were both done and dashing out the door to catch the school bus.

~At lunch~
Star bounced around the school walk-way with a wide grin plastered on her face, super hyper from a soda she had earlier,"What are we doing today Marco!! Fighting monsters, going out dancing, there are too many choices!"
"I'm not exactly sure. We can decide later I gue-" He was cut off by Jackie skateboarding past them at an alarmingly fast speed.
Star, having her blonde hair blown into her face, scrambled about trying to untangle it so she could see.
Jackie skidded around and was about to zoom past again when she saw Star stumbling. She sped forward and leaped off her board, managing to stretch her arms out in time and catch Star before she fell.
Star felt a pair of arms grabbing her and finally managed to move her blonde hair out of the way as she looked into two beautiful turquoise eyes. Her heartbeat sped up ever so slightly and a blush spread across her cheeks,"T-Thanks Jackie! I dunno what woulda happened if you hadn't caught me."She managed to say, not really being used to being the one saved.
Jackie gave her a friendly smiled and helped the blonde stand straight,"Ay, no problem. I'll just have to watch where I'm going next time. Anyway, cya later Star Butterfly."She said, giving Marco a wave before grabbing her board and taking off again.
Star blinked a few times,'What just happened...' she thought to herself before shaking the thought away and continuing the conversation she and Marco were having before.

Marco, who had turned around just in time to see the two, noticed the change in looks, or look, Star had when she normally encountered Jackie. He thought momentarily about this before he snapped back to reality and gave Jackie a wave back, gulping down his shyness and went back to his previous train of thought, only catching a few questions Star would ask every now and then.'Something changed. The way Star at her. She's never looked like that at anyone...'He snapped out of his thoughts,"Oh gosh, lunch is over already! We better get back before we're late to class!"He said grabbing Star's arm and running back down toward the school building.
Star x Jackie 1 (Star vs the Forces of Evil)
Figured I'd give this pairing a shot. I think its kinda cute, and their personalities do go well together. Jackie's cool to Star's mega-hyper persona work pretty well. :3 Anyway, if you dislike this pairing please move on, if you DO like this pairing, feel free to drop a comment to me down below. :D
I hope that I don't loose inspiration in this and I managed to at least come close to how the characters behave in the show ^^"


Feel free to gimme some constructive criticism about my work! I love to know how I can improve my writing!! ^^

Star vs the Forces of Evil and its characters are copyright to their owners!! I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT THE STORY!


Hey! Name's Alexia, but go ahead and call me Alex~ :3 I really love making friends with peeps, but don't get on my bad side! >:C Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything ^^ I'll be as supportive as possible, and I don't bite, I promise! :3 Anyway, thanks for visiting my page~ Baiiii

Aria x Serenity by Ask-FNAF-Aria
Does anyone know any sites or programs where you can do everything like in Paint except you can add gradients and shading and stuff?

If nawt...



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